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We all like to think that marriage is a tale of happily ever after. Unfortunately, and acutely in these turbulent economic times, that is not always the case.

Thankfully, we here at Taylor & Henderson are experts in every area of Family Law. Known for our personal approach, we pride ourselves on dealing sensitively with all matters relating to separation and divorce, cutting through any jargon with tact, diplomacy and most importantly, no nonsense advice.

When considering separation it is vital that you get the correct advice for your personal circumstances and at an early stage, regardless of whether your separation follows a period of living together or many years of marriage. There are a whole host of issues that require attention including contact with children and their residence arrangeents, financial issues and housing matters.

With extensive experience in all fields of Family Law including: separation and divorce; financial provision/maintenance; custody and contact; parental rights; cohabitation arrangements; welfare and financial guardianships and children's referrals, our Family Law team are skilled at advising clients on the most favourable course of action for both them and their loves ones, making the best of a troubled situation. We will even offer an initial consultation free of charge.


Our Managing Partner, Alistair Green, states:

"Our expert team is highly attuned to the needs of those going through the unpleasantries of separation and will always offer a friendly face to help clients get through what can be a very difficult time".


Our Family Law team appreciates that what is most important to people dealing with Family law matters is rapid access to legal knowledge and help, that is why we have made a new promise to all our clients:-




This really is a clear indication that we mean business!!

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