Inheritance Services in Ayrshire

Making a will may not be top of your list of things to do, but at Taylor & Henderson we believe it should be. If you don’t have a will, your assets may not be passed on as you wish – and the taxman could end up as one of your biggest beneficiaries.

Taylor & Henderson has extensive experience in wills, trusts and inheritance tax planning. We can help you to protect the future financial security of your loved ones by writing a will. We can also advise on the pitfalls of inheritance tax – and put arrangements in place to limit how much tax your estate is liable for.

A trust can be a useful way to protect money and other assets. It may not be in your beneficiaries’ best interests to receive an inheritance directly from you – whether because of inheritance tax, benefits entitlements or simply their youth. With a trust, your nominated trustees look after assets on your beneficiaries’ behalf.

Taylor & Henderson can also advise on how to preserve assets like your home in the event you need to pay for long-term care.