Powers of Attorney

Powers of Attorney Services in Ayrshire

Taylor & Henderson can help you prepare a power of attorney.  It can give you added peace to appoint a trusted relative or friend to handle your affairs, should you be unable to do so yourself in the future.

The signing of a power of attorney does not necessarily change anything immediately and it may be that it is never used.  However, in the event of your poor health you may need to call on its powers and allow the person you have appointed to look after you.  A Power of Attorney  can cover both financial powers (for example paying bills and drawing cheques) and welfare matters (such as consent to medical and dental treatment).

If you suddenly become incapable of handling your own affairs and do not have a power of attorney the local authority may intervene. This could mean that your family are not involved in the important decisions regarding your finances and care.  If you do not make a power of attorney before losing capacity then your family may have to consider a guardianship or intervention order.  Both are court orders and it can make dealing with even simple financial and welfare matters time consuming and expensive.  Loved ones may find the lack of control distressing too.