Marketing a property at the right price

The price is right

Marketing a property at the right price can make all the difference between achieving your ideal sale price (or more) and being left disappointed. It is crucial that a property is attractively priced so that it appeals to the greatest number of potential buyers and to maximise your marketing.

If a property is marketed at too high a value to begin with the seller risks missing out on the initial flurry of interest. It may also mean that the property sits on the market for too long and potential purchasers start to wonder if there is an issue with the property and/or title.

That said, a lower price is not always better! It depends on the property and the local market. The key is to ensure that the right asking price is used and that you instruct the right agent.

At Taylor & Henderson we have over 60 years’ experience of estate agency which means we regularly feature in the top rank of agents*. We are confident that with our experience and by advertising at the right price we can achieve you the best possible price for your property. If you would like a free valuation you can request one here or by calling on 01294 606 700

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